Cross-platform mobile game development comes true!

Well, not yet! But it looks promising!

When reading the last The Game Creators Newsletter, one topic caught my attention: Free your apps with App Game Kit. The so-called AGK will be an Eclipse plugin that allows you to develop 2D mobile games using a proprietary script language, and then you will have to compile them targeting the desired platform.

“App Game Kit (AGK) takes all this pain away and lets developers focus on what matters, their games! Using powerful and simple to learn commands like LoadImage, Sprite, and PlaySound, developers can quickly code their games and have them running on multiple devices in no time. Games can be made to scale to different screen sizes, so you’ll be sure your game will work on any size of device.” – The Game Creators Newsletter

The developer states that the AGK will be available early 2011 supporting Apple iOS, Samsung Bada, Windows (6.5 – anybody cares?) and Symbiam^3. Later 2011, there will be support for Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 7, MeeGo and XNA.

It is an ambitious project,  but I would say that The Game Creators, known mainly for its Dark Basic, is a very competent company delivering interesting products over the years. In addition, as I’ve learned later, they have been developing mobile games as well, so it is not hard to say that they will be using their own experience/difficulties to create a better product.

Again, from the newsletter, here are the main features:

  • Write once, deploy everywhere architecture
  • Powerful and easy to use commands
  • Fast 2D game engine native to each platform
  • Screen resolution independent
  • Built-in physics for the best in-game dynamics
  • Input device agnostic
  • Access to full source code
  • Extensive on-line documentation
  • Free to try

One thing that I found a little odd was that in the line up of supported OSes, Android was left out. It is my believe that launch time supported OSes were chosen based on technical aspects, not market share or other commercial factors. Anyway, considering a common language to work with, they can release new OS support as long as it becomes available.

One point that wasn’t clear is how iOS support will work. As everybody knows, Apple is a little strict about approving apps that are using some kind of runtime environment, so before adopting the AGK, I’d check carefully how it works and if the games released using that technology can be accepted by the App Store.

There is not much details so far, and the website has only a form where you can register to receive additional information when it becomes available. If you are into mobile game development, you should sign up!


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