Beta or not Beta?

Since I’m starting with Blackberry development, I’ve decided to use the Java Plugin for Eclipse Beta from My idea is: “Why start something using an old tool and having to catch up again to the new later on?”. While this makes perfect sense, it has few minor disadvantages to someone that doesn’t know much about the subject in study.

  1. Beginning Blackberry Development is a book created using the current plugin version, so all examples and screenshots use its interface when Eclipse is mentioned. This seems particularly problematic at the beginning when you’re setting up the environment.  You will have to take some time to find the new way to do certain things.
  2. RIM’s tutorials also use the current plugin, which falls to the same consequence described above.
  3. Beta isn’t a final product and it doesn’t have the quality expected. You have to keep in mind that problems can happen and the behavior could be unexpected, making you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what’s happening instead of coding BB stuff.

Despite these disadvantages, I’ll keep using the beta plugin because I still believe my initial thought worth it. If you are going to follow the same idea, remember to add the right update site to Eclipse’s update manager:

See you next time!

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